Rates, Room Types and Policies

Room Rates

Rates include a full home-cooked breakfast and a complimentary wine and cheese hour every evening. Increases may apply to special weekends such as University of Florida sporting events, graduation, parents’ weekends, Gator Nationals, etc. Corporate and weekly extended stay rates are also available.

All rates are based on double occupancy (2 guests per room).  Please note that the prices will increase by $25 for each additional guest. For reservations or more information on special pricing, please feel free to contact us

Sweetwater features 4 fabulous room types to choose from:

In the morning, you’ll awaken to the rich aroma of Sweetwater’s own blend of Sweetwater Organic coffee and a newspaper. Downstairs, a delicious full gourmet breakfast awaits you. The menu always includes a wide variety of choices, from the Sweetwater’s famous french toast casserole and sweet crepes to savory choices such as cheesy vegetable frittatas, home fries, and meats such as sausages, canadian bacon, ham, and corned beef hash. Breakfast always includes fresh fruit and juice. Additional breakfast tickets can be purchased for your visitors for just $15.00 each.

Wine & Cheese Hour

All guests are invited to attend our wine and cheese hour, served downstairs in the Cushman Colson House, every evening from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. Guests are encouraged to enjoy two complimentary glasses of wine, cheese, and other treats as the sound of soft music is played throughout the common areas of the house.

Deposit & Cancellations

$100.00 deposit is taken on all reservations at the time of reservation.  This is a one time, nonrefundable and non-transferable fee that will be applied to the balance of the guest’s reservation at check-in.  If you cancel your room anytime after making the reservation, the $100.00 deposit will be forfeited.

Cancellations on weekday reservations require a minimum of three days notice

Weekend cancellations require a minimum of seven days notice

Special event weekends (including University of Florida football games held in Gainesville, Graduation, Gator Nationals, and other special events) require a deposit. Payment for the balance will be processed in full two weeks before your date of arrival.  One week before processing begins you will receive a reminder e-mail.  You may cancel up to two weeks before your date of arrival however your deposit will be forfeited.  After this time you will be held responsible for the full balance of your reservation.  Please keep in mind that on the date of processing all reservations that fail to clear payments may be cancelled without notice.


No smoking is permitted inside any of Sweetwater Branch Inn’s beautiful rooms. We ask that smokers enjoy their tobacco outside on the veranda, the upstairs porch or in the garden. Smoking guests are requested to respect non-smoking guests. There will be a fee assessed to guests who smoke in a room.

Check-In and Check-Out

Check in is 3:00 p.m. and check out is 11:00 a.m. There is a $35.00 charge for late check-outs.

The Sweetwater Branch Inn accepts checks, cash, American Express®, MasterCard®, Visa®, and Discover® cards. Prices do not include sales tax or county lodging tax. Reservations are strongly recommended.

Office hours for check-ins are as follows:

Monday-Saturday: 3 pm – 9 pm
Sunday: 3 pm – 7 pm

Unfortunately we do not guarantee any early check-ins, but if you call ahead the office will be happy to lock away your belongings if you wish to drop them off early.

If you anticipate that you will be arriving after the office closes, please let us know so that we can arrange a late check-in for you. If you are running late the day of, please give us a call and we will instruct you on what to do. Or, if you know in advance that you will be arriving late, we are happy to e-mail you detailed instructions as well as a property map up to a week in advance!

Children Policy

Children under the age of 6

It is our best hope to be a family friendly inn. We welcome your children but ask that they are consistently supervised to keep noise and activity to a minimum so as to avoid disturbing our other guests. Please accept advance notice that our homes are filled with treasured antique furniture and accessories. Our grounds have beautiful but potentially harmful features such as fountains, a pond and access to main roadways. Any damage, complaints or disruptive actions from children will be the full responsibility of the parent.

Currently we have one high chair in our dining room. Seating is family style and may not be appropriate for toddlers and infants. Cribs are available for rental on premises, but their supply is limited, so please inquire at the time of reservation about their availability.  Thank you for your understanding.

Pet Policy

Pets are accepted exclusively in our cottages, with the exception of Lilly’s Cottage and the Honeymoon Cottage.  Our pet policy and fees are below, please review them and be prepared to sign a form acknowledging your consent at check in.

FEE: Upon check-in you will be charged a fee of $100. This fee is valid for a 1 week time period, after which an additional $50 per week will be assessed. There is a maximum of 1 pet per room, unless authorized by a manager. $50 of the initial fee will be refunded back to you within 72 hours after check out, if no damage has been done to the room and if there is no evidence of fleas or hair left behind.

NO LOOSE PETS: In keeping with city ordinance, pets are required to be kept on a leash at all times when they are not in your suite. Pets outside your suite are required to be supervised at all times. No pets are to be left alone outside or tied to any part of the buildings or grounds. Please remember when walking your pet, to clean up after them, or a $25 charge will apply.

HOUSEKEEPING: In an effort to make both your pet and our housekeeping staff more comfortable, we ask that your pet be kept in the kennel if they are to be left alone, and because the environment may be new to them that you limit the amount of time they are left alone. Our room attendants are not allowed to enter a room when your pet is unrestrained. Please note that pets are not allowed in our Jacuzzi tubs or on the furniture.

RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGES: If your pet causes damage, you are responsible for the repair or replacement cost of the damaged item(s). Please let us know as soon as possible if any accidents occur so we can possibly prevent permanent damage. If there is prior damage to your room upon check-in please notify the front desk immediately so that it can be fixed and noted by a manager so that you will not be held liable.

Our focus is for you and your pet to be comfortable. We hope that your stay here is pleasant and we thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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