Budget Weddings

At Sweetwater Branch Inn, we understand planning the wedding of your dreams while working within a budget can be difficult! With some flexibility, we can work with you to customize a package that can work for you!

Some helpful tips for working within a budget:

Choosing Your Date:

  1. Choose off-season months in Florida such as January, February, July, August, and September
  2. Choose a Friday, Saturday Brunch/Lunch or Sunday (instead of a prime Saturday late afternoon-evening)

Choosing Your Venue

  1. Choose a Ceremony and Reception site with built in charm so you won’t have to over spend on flowers and decorations to disguise a standard issue space
  2. Choose a place where the ceremony and reception can take place on the same property and save on site fees and transportation costs

Other Great Tips

  1. Choose a simple but delicious menu. A special one entrée dinner instead of multiple entrées or choose a heavy hors d’oeuvres dinner that is open upon guest arrival and skip the expense of a cocktail hour/light hors d’oeuvres.
  2. Hire local vendors. Support local businesses and benefit from them saving on their travel expenses (Feel good that this is also a ‘green’ choice).
  3. Save on your budget by being creative:
    1. Have your favors double as your dining table centerpiece. Make cookies or other treats and place them in little boxes of your wedding colors. Then stack them on a pretty platter or cake stand in the center of the table for guests to take one at the end of the night.
    2. Instead of renting or buying expensive linens, use a colored square linen napkin for a pop of color on basic white linens in the center of your dining tables. A simple centerpieces and small votive candles can then be placed in the center.

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